Youth Basketball Results: Week 1

Here are the results from week 1:
The opening game was a classic! Who can forget Rose Folgeberg’s debut performance where her very first shot is a hit, and the very last shot of the game, also from Rose, is a buzzer beater as the horn sounded to giver her team a one point victory! And who can forget the Canyon Creek girls cheering alike with the Beaumont girls for this moment of glory!

Beaumont 26, Canyon Creek 25
Peavine 20, Hunter Lake 16
Riverbend 16, Skyline 36

Canyon Creek 28,  Beaumont 41
Hunter Lake 21, Peavine 51
River Bend 32, Skyline 45

The number of kids participating: 106
Number of fans: Somewhere in the hundreds
Number of people providing service such as keeping score, setting up chairs, reffing, coaching, transporting, repairing electronics, and sweeping: somewhere in the dozens. . .