Turn Your Heart Challenge – May

Dear Temple and Family History Friends,

It looks like we have had a lot of Temple and Family History happenings in the wards this month. Great work everyone. The April challenge motivated me to look at indexing again and I found a project that I really like working on.

The Reno Stake “Turn Your Hearts Challenge” is to identify your oldest known mother.  One interesting way to do that is to follow your mtDNA line. We inherit our mtDNA from our mother, but only women pass that DNA to their children.  So by following an unbroken line from daughter to mother back in time we can discover the “oldest mother” on our tree that shares our exact same mtDNA.  The easiest way to track that line is by using the fan chart. The direct maternal line will always be the bottom line on the right-hand side of the fan chart. Follow that to the last woman on the view and then open a fan chart starting with that person and again follow it until it ends and that will be your “oldest mt DNA mother.” My oldest DNA mother is Flora Lambertse about 1700 in South Africa. Who is yours?

Calli Smith