Flood the Reno Stake with the Book of Mormon

Dear stake and ward leaders,

In a recent training with Ward Missionary Correlation Committees, a stake initiative was introduced to flood the Reno Stake with the Book of Mormon. This is designed to be an opportunity to work in unity to bring others unto Christ. As part of this effort, we ask the following:

  • All ward members are invited to donate any unused “Give Away” or “Missionary” copies of the Book of Mormon sitting around the home. The Ward Mission Leader will lead the effort to collect these books. An email will be sent to all members of the Stake to introduce this effort shortly.
  • Youth groups are invited to participate by marking Book of Mormons for use in each ward. Youth assigned to missionary work  have been asked to work with the Ward Youth Council to plan a youth activity to personalize the books. Ward youth leaders, please help the youth lead out in this effort. Seminary-aged youth who mark up a Book of Mormon may receive credit for one make-up day in Seminary per book.  The youth over missionary work in each ward have been trained and were provided 12 copies of the Book of Mormon for each ward to get them started. They were also given marking materials and a marked example copy.
  • Full-time missionaries have been asked to help challenge members one-on-one to pray about friends with whom they can share the Book of Mormon. They will also help teach members how to give a copy of the Book of Mormon to a friend in normal and natural ways.
  • We invite Bishoprics and ward leaders to emphasize the Book of Mormon in sacrament meetings, firesides, and other activities with the youth and ward members during the months of May and June.

We know as we work together to make intentional efforts to share the Book of Mormon with our friends and neighbors, members of this stake will be blessed. We will witness the power of the Book of Mormon in bringing souls unto Christ. We will receive an increase of love for our neighbor and an increase of the spirit in our lives.

May God bless you and each member of the stake with a greater desire to share God’s instrument for the gathering of Israel – the Book of Mormon.


The Reno Nevada Stake Presidency

Wards Plan and Prepare:

  • Ward primary leaders determine how to involve primary children.
  • Youth groups hold a markup activity to personalize Book of Mormons for ward members to give to friends and neighbors (Order additional supplies if needed. See attachment.)
  • Bishops and Ward Councils determine what messages to emphasized and share in the ward.
  • Ward missionary correlation committees will determine how they want to implement ways to flood their wards.
  • EQ & RS consider ways to use the Book of Mormon in ministering.
  • All ward members invited to bring unused copies of the Book of Mormon to be marked and given out to friends. 

Stake Fast:

  • Special Stake Fast for Missionary efforts – specifically how to share the Book of Mormon and who to share it with.
  • Stake members invited to pray and act on promptings to share the Book of Mormon with friends and neighbors during the month of June.
  • Wards implement their plans to reinforce and promote the use of the Book of Mormon in their ministering and missionary efforts.

Fast & Testimony Meeting:

  • All stake members invited to share their experiences in their ward fast & testimony meetings and with their families and friends.

Promoting the Book of Mormon – Ideas:

Please consider ways to help promote and personalize this effort in your wards. We invite all organizations in the ward, including the primary, to get involved in this effort. The ward missionary committee could consider the following:

  • Share testimony of, or spiritual thought from, the Book of Mormon in your meetings.
  • Share verses or testimony of the Book of Mormon with ministering brothers and sisters, new converts, or less active members. 
  • Invite others to join you in studying the Book of Mormon.
  • Share the Book of Mormon App with friends and neighbors.
  • Invite friends and neighbors to receive a free electronic copy of the Book of Mormon.
  • Teach primary children a new song or new story from the Book of Mormon.


Flood the Reno Stake with the Book of Mormon Graphic