Phase 1 Plan – Sacrament Meeting Beginning June 28th


• The purpose of this plan is to provide detailed information on how the Reno Nevada stake will initiate partial attendance at church sacrament meetings for its members. This document is to be a guide for bishoprics on how to ask their members to arrive, socially distance, participate in sacrament meeting, disinfect the church and prepare the building for the next group of saints.

• For this initial phase, the wards will be broken up into 3 groups of 50 or less, based on those most likely to attend church. In smaller ward congregations 1 or 2 groups may be sufficient. For simplicity the stake presidency suggests breaking up the ward into groups by alphabetical order.

• Each Sunday, all groups from each ward will meet for sacrament meeting at their designated church building. Each sacrament meeting will last 30 minutes, with a 30-minute cleaning and member dismissal and arrival period.

• In adherence to government guidelines, during phase 1, we invite members over 65 years of age, those feeling sick, or of higher risk of complications from CoVid-19 to continue to worship and partake of the sacrament from home.

Plan Details, Schedule, and Instructions

Plan details, schedule, and instructions for the Phase 1 Plan – Sacrament Meeting reopening starting on June 28th can be found in this document below: