Self Reliance Newsletters

For SR Specialists, SR Committee Chairmen, and Employment Specialists

To all SR Specialists, SR Committee Chairmen, and Employment Specialists,

Here are the Self-Reliance Newsletters Strengthening Self-Reliance. There will be four main sections in each edition:

  1. For SR Specialists & Committees
  2. Developing Mentors & Resources
  3. For Quorums & Relief Society
  4. For Employment Specialists

We have also packaged it so you can easily send or give applicable information to those who need it.

We encourage you to get the appropriate information in the newsletter to those who you feel could benefit from the information. You might consider:

  • SR Committee members
  • Ward Employment Specialists
  • Stake Employment Specialist (We do not always have the e-mail addresses of your Stake Employment Specialist so please pass this on if he/she is not on this mailing list and please send us their e-mail address so we can add it to our newsletter mailing list.)
  • Ward SR representatives
  • Quorum and Relief Society SR representatives
  • Members of the Stake Presidency or High Council as appropriate.
  • Mentors

Please let us know if there are other changes or additions you would like to see in the newsletter.

Thanks for all you do.