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Just wanted to update you on the new ARP meeting info (using stake Zoom account). Please use this going forward, beginning today, December 29th. Thank you! We have new meeting info. For every Sunday and Tuesday at 7pm.
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Meeting ID: 949 7269 5611Passcode: 098597

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Brothers and Sisters,
I received the link below from Brother Steele who serves with his dear wife Colleen as the ARP (Addiction Recovery Program) specialists/missionaries.  The work that they do to help those within our stake who suffer from addictive challenges is amazing.  They are incredible instruments in the Lord’s hands as they help others realize the benefits of the atonement and the love the Savior has for each of His children.
The article below is an amazing testimony of a brother who went through the 12 step program and has been a benefactor of seeing the effects of the atonement in his life.  Please take a moment to read through the article that was published in the LDS Living Magazine by this brother and learn of his story.  This article could be a great talking point in working with those that we minister with that may be suffering from addictive challenges.  I  have read the article myself and learned a great deal – this work is real and changes lives!  
Brother and Sister Steele are amazing resources as well and we are grateful for all that they do for us.
Thank you for all that you do and for the love you have you have for the children of our Heavenly Father.  May you all continue to feel His love and be granted inspiration as you serve in your various leadership capacities.

With Love and Gratitude,Bradford Backlund