Stake Presidency

Purpose and Duties of the Stake Council

Purpose and Duties of the Stake Council.PDF

Doctrine & Covenants 124:131 “And again, I say unto you, I give unto you a high council, for the cornerstone of Zion.”

  1. Serve as a liaison between the stake and your assigned ward. Assure that information and instruction received in stake council and stake high council meeting is disseminated to assigned units. Be the eyes and ears of the stake presidency. Keep the stake doctrinally pure.
  2. Train yourself using the church general handbook (chapters 1-4, 6.5, and 8) then train those you serve.
  3. Extend callings as assigned. Use the (Stake Calling Form) whenever possible, to initiate a call and to verify completion of the proposed calling. Assure that the person called has all the appropriate materials and training to successfully fulfill their assignment.
  4. Hold personal interviews with your unit priesthood leaders regularly.
  5. Report regularly to a member of the stake presidency regarding the health of your assigned units.
  6. Meet regularly with elders quorum presidencies in assigned units, and teach them their duties. Make sure that ward missionary coordination meetings (huddles) and ward temple & family history coordination meetings (huddles) are being held regularly and functioning properly.
  7. Meet regularly with elders quorum presidencies in assigned units as well as quorum second hour meetings.
  8. Meet regularly with the bishopric in assigned units when invited by the bishop or directed by the stake presidency.
  9. Meet regularly with the ward council in assigned units.
  10. Attend stake meetings, including high council, stake council, priesthood leadership, and adult leadership committee. If you must be unavoidably absent, be responsible to notify the stake executive secretary.
  11. Thoughtfully and prayerfully prepare assigned sacrament meeting talks using the topics and references assigned by the stake presidency. Bishops may be consulted as to any items they wish to have covered in the talk.
  12. Take full responsibility for any stake organization you may have been assigned to oversee. Unitedly work with the organization presidencies and leaders in all their duties and efforts.
  13. Use the North America Southwest Area Plan to teach the importance of ordinances and staying on the “covenant path” as well as their recent direction to “increase membership in the church through convert baptisms”.
  14. Magnify your calling as a leader in the stake:
    • As you represent the stake presidency, act with all the honor and dignity inherent in your calling.
    • When acting in your calling, white shirts and ties are always appropriate.
    • Read scriptures and pray daily.
    • Hold a current temple recommend and regularly attend the temple.
    • Recognize, teach, and use the power of councils as taught by Elder Ballard.
    • Maintain strict confidentiality.
    • Model correct behavior.
    • Constantly seek teaching topics and be prepared for teaching opportunities.
    • Keep and honor the Sabbath day.
    • Teach and testify of the importance of ministering to members in a “higher and holier way”.

Stake Council Speaking Assignments

Stake Council Speaking Topics

Stake Council Meetings

Stake Council meetings are the every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month, at 7:00 pm.

Stake Council Roster - March 19, 2023

Name and Contact Info
Ward Assignment
Reports To
Larry Gonzalez (CC) Tahoe North
Ward Prospective Elders
Relief Society President Keele
Mark Gonda (PV) Peavine Valley
Ward Prospective Elders
Young Women
Young Women’s Camp
Bucks Lake
President Jolley
Darin Murphy (SK) Auditor Young Men President President Jolley
Sean Neahusan (BM) Auditor Primary
Baptism Coordinator
Building Key Coordinator
President Keele
Dan Hunsaker (HL) Auditor Missionary Work
Why I Believe Firesides
President Keele
Ryan Stodtmeister (SK) Skyline
Ward Prospective Elders
Sunday School
Audit Committee
President Keele
Jon Hiatt (BM) Auditor
Emergency Preparedness
Addiction Recovery
Just Serve
BYU Pathway
President Keele
Roland Goode (HL) Hunter Lake
Ward Prospective Elders
Hospital Coordinator
President Jolley
Brian Anderson (CC) Auditor Stake Athletics/Activities
Mission Preparation
Temple Cleaning Coordinator
President Jolley
David Chamberlain (BM) Beaumont
Ward Prospective Elders
Temple/Family History/Indexing President Jolley
Charles Reno (CC) Canyon Creek
Ward Prospective Elders
Audit Committee
President Jolley
Austin Hodnett (PV) Auditor Physical Facilities (PFR) President Keele

Stake High Council – March 19, 2023

Ward Conference 2023