Content Submission

Send an email to the site administrator with anything you would like to have posted on the website. Please be sure to indicate the ward or stake auxiliary where the content should be posted along with your name, calling, and phone number.

Note the following:

  1. Content will be reviewed to make sure it follows the church rules for public posting.
  2. Generally approved content is posted within 1-4 hours after submission (but depending on admin availability may be up to 24 hours or more if traveling).
    • If it is urgent, requiring immediate or same day posting/editing, please put “URGENT — ” in your email subject line so I see it right away.
  3. You will receive an email reply back with either:
    • a confirmation of posting and a link to your post if successfully posted
    • a request for additional information if needed prior to posting
    • a reason why the content could not be posted.
  4. Email attachment limit is 20MB per email.
    • As needed, feel free to send multiple emails or you can put your files in a cloud drive and send a link to download the files (e.g. Drop Box, Google Drive, iCloud Drive, etc.).